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How To Order

To send orders we suggest you use our secure, easy Online Shopping catalog.
After your order has been sent to, you will receive three separate emails:

  • Order Receipt email - this email will be sent to you within 60 minutes of our receipt of your order. It is a confirmation that your order has been received by our offices.
  • Order processing email - this email will be sent to you within 3 business days from the date in which you submitted your order. It is a confirmation that your order has been accepted and processed (or refused) by or the manufacturer.
  • Bill of Sale email - this email is sent the day your order is picked, packaged, and shipped for delivery.
    We can also accept orders by email: or by Fax: 1-519-622-6926. You may want to give us your credit card information over the phone at 1-877-622-4853 or 1-519-622-0950.

All online orders must be paid in full using PayPal. In-house orders may be paid via PayPal, Bank draft, certified check, or cashier's check; smaller amounts may be paid via telephone with Visa or MasterCard. Should you not want to use PayPal, please call our office and speak with a representative. PayPal is the only payment method for online orders.

Cancelling or Changing your Order

You may cancel or change any item from your order by sending us an email at as long as it has not entered the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process generally starts 3 days from the time you place your order.

If the item you chose to cancel or change has already entered the manufacturing process but has not begun the shipping process, you can still cancel your order by sending an email to A stocking fee will be charged to you at our discretion. Cancellation is not allowed after your order(s) has been shipped.

If you wish to cancel an order which has already entered the shipping process you may return the item. Check our Returns Policy for more information.

All packages that are returned, to us, due to an undeliverable address are subject to a restocking fee at our discretion which shall not exceed the purchase price of the undeliverable item(s). In the case of refusing to accept an order, the purchaser will be deemed liable for cancellation charges. Along with any storage and freight charges, refused orders are subject to a restocking fee at our discretion.

NOTICE: By buying on you agree to accept the Manufacturer's Conditions of Sale when applicable.
IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION - Actual colors may slightly differ from samples shown in photos and graphic due to your PC settings.

Different supplies, quantity of sunlight, and level of exposure to various elements make it difficult to have the same color shade of woods and varnishes over time. For this reason, we cannot guarantee identical shades/colors over time.

Armrests and/or other structural elements are manufactured in solid wood while general furniture is finished in plywood. Even if the material and the color are the same, it will be impossible to have identical color shades and visual effect.

Some structural elements, bases, and armrests are made with moulds. Possible surface imperfections, due to the porosity of the material, have not to be complained.

The height of the chairs is always indicative; variance will depend on the selected base.
Product dimensions are indicative and are taken directly from manufacturers’ literature. For the most accurate dimensions, refer to dimensions in centimeters. Slight differences from dimensions shown may occur and have not to be complained.

A reserved right of the manufacturers is to improve or change the products without notice, so slight differences from pictures shown have not to be complained.

Special product orders may not be cancelled or changed.

Both and the manufacturers are not responsible for the irregularity, non-execution or delayed deliveries affected by any cause of force majeure as well as in the event of modifications required by the purchaser. The terms of delivery are not binding and contingent to the availability and production capacity of the factory at the time of the commission. In any case, the purchaser will not be entitled to damages of any kind.

The goods remain property of either or the manufacturer until full payment has been made.

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